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Rev. David L. Ferguson


Rev. David L. Ferguson is the Senior and Founding Pastor of The First. The  foundation

of his work is transparency of how to honor God through the development of your

talents. He recognized the need for a new contemporary church with a traditional

foundation, that embraces our commonalities, but more importantly embraces our


Rev. Ferguson has maintained the belief that the church has to be a living 

organism that is open to change, without departing from its foundational tenets

and biblical truths. He also believes that the church has an obligation to remain

relevant to all age groups by leveraging technology and social media to reach the

new age membership, but retaining traditional methods of membership

interaction that provides a place of worship for the church’s legacy membership.

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Pastor Ferguson's goal to further expand the ministry's reach of declaring, the first should be last and impact in the community by providing resources to others in need. His desire is that all members of the body will embark on a perpetual growth relationship with Christ and that relationship will become the foundational impetus for the body of Christ to intertwine itself into the communal needs of all people. His family and his commitment to living his best life, inspires him to fortify a legacy that breeds unity, greatness, and be an illustration of uplifting others and the community as a whole to live better.


He is a food enthusiast that enjoys motorcycle riding, spending time with family and friends. Rev. Ferguson’s desire is that all of us will help to bridge the gap between church and community by becoming a sincere, active member of the body of Christ, utilizing the gifts that God has so graciously deposited within us.

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